Food Safety Management System


ERGRANSA, S.A. is a company involved in the business of loading and unloading vessels that carry agribulk food products and stores them until the owner of the goods picks them up. It implements a Food Safety System, which is part of its Quality Management System, based on the following principles:

  • Complying with all of the legal and regulatory requirements concerning food safety.
  • Ensuring that suitable conditions prevail in the facilities where the goods are stored and thus the equipment used to handle the goods is in good condition, the processes are appropriately well defined and the staff have been duly trained and are able to guarantee the food safety, keep the products identified and prevent cross-contamination.
  • Ensuring that the food safety hazards and critical control points related to our facilities and processes, which may reasonably take place during the handling of goods, are identified, assessed and controlled so that they pose no health risk for the goods received.
  • Establishing preventive measures based on operational pre-requisites, the implementation and monitoring of which ensure that food safety hazards are kept under control.
  • Guaranteeing the traceability of the goods during the period in which they are in our custody (traceability within the process), as well as their upstream traceability (what products are received and who they belong to) and their downstream traceability (what products are delivered and to whom).
  • Informing the customer of any food safety-related aspects concerning their goods and following their instructions.
  • Taking corrective and preventive measures when situations are identified that may pose a food safety hazard.
  • Maintaining our availability and know-how in order to achieve the best possible solutions regarding the handling of goods, taking the appropriate steps and providing the competent authorities with the necessary information.
  • Raising awareness of this food safety policy among our workers, suppliers, customers and other parties concerned.
  • In drawing up and carrying out this food safety policy, we constantly bear in mind the principles laid down in our company’s quality and environmental policies
  Certificate Nº : 186123-2015-AFSMS-IBE-RvA

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